news: 21. september 2016:

Next stop – Hamburg!

sunday, 13.11. 2016 – Hamburg, Sauerkrautfabrik. It’s an afternoon show and starts at 15h. so, be early and take cakes and coffee and fast music at teetime! we play together with Saligia, Trigger and The gentle art of chokin‘. see you there! -> Flyer


Yeah! – Thanks Arschcholio, that was a blast!


news: 14. august 2016:

No Sleep until Arschcholio !

We play thursday, the 1st September!


news: 1. april 2016:

Good news:
today we play the first show and i get a note , that the demo tape will arrive tomorow. hell yes!
order it via E-Mail or download it here!


Demo download – MP3


news: 20. feb. 2016:

the next one!
2. April 2016 – Hamburg-Harburg, Sauerkrautfabrik
w/  Sign of the Wicked – AmmuNation cancelled 🙁

news: 18. feb. 2016:

first show:
1. April 2016 – Hamburg, elbdeich e.V. !

news: 24.jan.2016

We Sleep is a new 4 piece fastcore powerviolence whatever bastard from hamburg.
be prepared for some outputs soon!


Check: Facebook / Bandcamp

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